Es hat mich eindeutig erwischt, dass YOGA Fieber! Da ich noch am Anfang meiner Yoga “Karriere” stehe und erst beginne die Basic Übungen zu verstehen und richtig zu machen, bin ich fleißig am üben. Mich hat der Ehrgeiz gepackt und ich gebe mir ein Jahr um einen schönen Handstand hinzubekommen. Es wird viele Einheiten brauchen bis ich mich überhaupt traue aber ich bleibe dran.

Um wirklich gut zu werden sind Besuche im Yoga Studio und Workshops bestimmt ratsam. Ende April fand ein Retreat mit dem Ehepaar Bri + Dice bekannt als Bryce Yoga, am wunderschönen Wörthersee statt. Ganze 4 Tage mit einem tollen Programm und ich konnte nicht dabei sein. Obwohl ich mir in den A**** gebissen habe war mein Ärger schnell verpufft weil ich zu meiner Freude die Pros interviewen durfte. Wenn ihr euch jetzt denkt, mahhh da wäre ich auch gerne dabei gewesen verrate ich euch, dass das Dreamteam Bryce vom 1 bis 4 September für ein Fit Flow Fly-Yoga Retreat wieder nach Kärnten kommt. Wem noch eine Portion Motivation fehlt, der schaut sich einfach den Instagram Account von den Zweien an. Dann könnt ihr mich vielleicht etwas besser verstehen warum ich es kaum erwarten kann in Velden dabei zu sein um von den Pros zu lernen.

xoxo, Anna


When was the time you felt in love with yoga?

I fall in love with yoga everytime I practice. But, when I first started teaching, back in 2009, I didnt have much to do other than practice and teach. That was a good time.

How did you develop Bryce Yoga?

Dice and I first started traveling and teaching workshops together in 2011 and yogis would always call one of us Bryce! So we decided to stick with the name as a symbol of our shared passion for Yoga.

How often do you practice yoga in your private time? Do you have „private time“ fort hat?

I dont stress about asana practice because I try to practice multiple facets of yoga daily (pranayama, meditation etc). But, we both have a home practice that consists of stretching, inversions and acro playtime.

What is the most important thing about yoga you teach your students?

We strive to help students become more connected to their bodies through a thourough understanding of safe alignment in postures. And of course, to have fun!

What gives Yoga back to you?

A present mind, healthy body, and balanced life.

Do you practice meditation? If yes, how often?

Yes. Every morning!

Do you have a favorite Sportswear brand?

ALO Yoga

Please tell me about your daily lifestyle – describe one day:

It varies. If I am in LA (home) I wake up early, meditate, pack lunch for the kids, drive both to school, work or hubby time until school pick up. After school activities fort he kids, dinner, family time, bed time, hubby time.

When we travel, our schedule is all about working and making sure the kids are taken care of.

Do you cook for your family? What kind of food?

We try to cook healthy, organic, plant based foods for our kids. If we eat meat, we will source it from a sustainable, local farm.

What advice do you have for a yoga-beginner? What do you you think every yoga-starter should have (things and mind)?

Find classes that teach you correct alignment in foundational poses. Take classes at different studios and different teachers. There are so many styles that you are bound to find something that suits you. Get a matt hat is reliable and use props!

As Yoga is something where you evolve constantly – when can I stop calling myself a beginner – Is there anything where I can define that for myself? Is it when I can do a handstand?

Class levels are important because they help yogis get the style of class they are looking for. But, I dont think that a person can be a beginner per say…it is more a label for the class than the person. I believe that the moment you walk into your second yoga class (second because that means you’re still on the path if you’re coming back after your first class!) you are no longer a beginner because, you’ve already begun!

Thank you so much Bri for this great interview! See you soon….